As you are aware that AROI will be conducting ESTRO AROI GYN Teaching Courses for next 3 years starting from 2017 onwards. The first course will  be conducted at MSRMC Bengaluru.

The aim and objectives set by AROI and ESTRO for these courses is to enhance the current standards of brachytherapy practice in cervical cancers, develop some uniform treatment and research proposals and more importantly also to identify and train Indian faculties for future courses.

In order to achieve these objectives, a limited no of participants (40 teams) preferably a team of physician and physicist who are responsible for GYN treatments in your Institution would be desirable. It is proposed that these Institutional teams are encouraged to attend all the 3 courses (2017- 2019) so that there is a continuous learning and exchange of knowledge and practical tips & tricks useful in successful implementation. Between the courses there will also be continuous communication for various tasks pre-defined during the course activity. This will ensure some support from the ESTRO and AROI faculty for smooth implementation of the advances in cervical cancer brachytherapy.

So, we would request you to nominate a team of radiation oncologist and medical physicist who could be registered for the course with an aim to enhance the existing standards of cervical cancer brachytherapy.

Please find attached the brochure and the pre-registration form.

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